Fatman appoints Murad Djurayev as Technical Lead

Murad Djurayev, an experienced software professional, has joined Fatman as new Technical Lead. His main responsibility is to enable continuous growth and development of the company from the technology side.

Djurayev‘s career started 24 years back when he was only 17 years old. During that time he has been living in 5 different countries wearing different hats: from system administrator and DBA, to developer, tech lead, project manager, independent consultant, and CTO. Time has taught him to understand the needs and challenges of all participants of the development process: how to design, develop, deploy, and maintain scalable demanding software. Now he can utilize his expertise in Fatman and continue learning at the same time.

”Fatman gives me a chance to improve my knowledge, to learn new skills and apply them in creating the leading solution in area of facility and contract management”, tells Djurayev.

The reason why he decided to join Fatman is the potential that he saw in the company. Fatman wants to grow, to progress, to evolve, and the management is very supportive and understanding. Djurayev emphasizes that he wants to be part of Fatman’s success in product as well as business side.

”For me joining Fatman was an opportunity to not just contribute to a very valuable product, but a clear possibility to implement many ideas and industry’s best practices”, explains Djurayev.

The role of Djurayev is to facilitate developers in being more efficient and creative. To stage a comfortable environment where the coders are proud about their work both in terms of technology and value it brings to its users. His main job is to develop a new architecture of Fatman’s product, which aims to provide a scalable platform for company’s growth.

”My future is in implementing company’s plans from technology side”, Djurayev concludes.


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