We are an agile SaaS-company creating high quality code in the heart of Espoo. Our company processes have been built to support software development. We create new software and support our legacy applications in a good balance.


Fatman was originally started as a service company in the 1990’s. In the beginning our company provided maintenance services, quality assessments and energy efficiency reports. Company founder, Kari Hein, had however visions for the future and how traditional maintenance resource planning on paper would quickly move into computer applications. First client software for maintenance resource planning, Infomaster, was released before Windows95.

In the beginning of 21st century browser-applications started to take place on the market. Fatman started to develop a new version of the maintenance resource application. Netmaster maintenance resource planning software was one of the most modern applications on the market when it was launched. It had SMS-support for fieldworkers and many advanced features which started to change the whole digitalization of the business. First browser-based contract management application, eCenter, was also released.

In the 2010s mobile devices started to rapidly become common on the field. Fatman started once again a new evolution of its software, a HTML5-based application, Fatman Frame. Frame is currently used by thousands of users on the field and just recently all contract management applications have also been converted to this modern web-application family.

Fatman’s history

Software development in Fatman now

In software development you always need to look for the future. New technologies are introduced constantly on the market and while technologies are improving also customer demands are rising. Keeping up in the rapid pace of technological changes is vital for survival like Fatman’s history has proven.

Our experience on the business and knowledge of international software trends are a good base to build the future on. Whether it is new public cloud services, application security or common problem solving for customers, we have always someone who can solve this. Agile software processes (SCRUM, Kanban) also provide transparency on our projects to our clients.