Frame Contract Management

Frame Contract Management is a comprehensive tool for handling real estate and tenant information, creating contracts, invoicing, and managing ledgers. The program is an important part of the tools needed in professional administration. The program works smoothly with bookkeeping, and ERP programs.

Renting of different real estates, from residential housing to complicated business properties, can be handled with this system.

Frame Contract Management is also a tool for the management of leasing contracts where user is a lessee. In the future you won’t necessarily need invoices thus, this program can create payment and bookkeeping material directly from the contracts.

With IFRS 16 add-on for Frame Contract Management, a user can calculate Right-of-Use Asset Values and Leasing Liabilities from contracts. One can also control all changes that may affect these values, and determine P&L Effects of these changes. This program can handle all leasing contracts affected by the standard.

Contract Management Functionalities

1. Basic Information of Real Estates, Buildings, Rooms and Tenants
2. Digital Database for all leasing contracts
3. Creation and Sending of Invoices
4. Fetching payment information from banks
5. Managing ledgers
6. Creation of bookkeeping material
7. Price Increases (index, revenue, …)
8. Creation of the payment material (SEPA)
9. IFRS 16 calculation and managing change situations
10. KPIs of the profitability and effectiveness of your Rental Business