Maintenance Resource Planning

Frame Maintenance ERP is the most modern Resource Planning Tool in the market. This program works with every device, platform, and browser. It is said that its best feature is that it follows you everywhere you go. With a state-of-the-art user interface and the latest software technologies, the user is guaranteed a safe, intuitive, and portable system. Fatman Frame ensures that all valuable information is written down and saved for future use.
Service Requests of the properties are managed in centralised system. Tasks can be forwarded to service providers or company personnel either manually or automatically. Users of the property can use an internet or intranet form to submit observations or service requests to the system without logging in.
Registers of the devices, scheduled maintenance, and future renovations can be stored in the program. Also, contact persons, and documents related to the property can be attached. The program is designed to be used by professionals in the Real Estate Business.

Maintenance Resource Planning Functionalities

1. KPIs and Dashboards of the Real Estate Maintenance
2. Basic Information of Real Estates, Plots, and Buildings
3. Handling of Service Requests
4. Digital Maintenance Resource Planning tool with Attachments
5. Scheduled Maintenance tasks (daily, weekly, monthly)
6. Entering meter values (Manual or Automatic)
7. Renovation Planning
8. Technical details, and Equipment in the Buildings
9. Document Archive
10. Contact Information
11. Reporting (pdf, excel, and word)
12. Option: Quality Inspection Tool