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Lassila & Tikanoja and Fatman are working together

Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) and Fatman are working together on further developing Frame Maintenance Resource Planning (MRP) system to better meet the requirements of end-users of facilities. Fatman Frame enables more informed decision making based on collected real estate data. In practice the system provides information which allows clients to make smarter decisions.

Frame MRP system allows customers to monitor what is going on at their facilities. Frame provides access e.g. to consumption data, scheduled maintenance tasks, and service requests relating to a specific real estate.

”Data-driven leadership and data utilization in services are the trends that drove us into developing this solution”, states L&T Business Unit Director Antti Niitynpää.

The aim of the project was to develop the best possible service to end-users of facilities and at the same time to improve L&T employees’ visibility to facility maintenance. Fatman and L&T are developing the system using agile development methods where one important part of the process is testing.

”This system has not been developed for L&T but for our customers and their customers, i.e. the end-users of facilities”

– Petri Kuismin, development manager at L&T

“Basically, every second week L&T has received some features for testing. Testing is a critical part of our development process which also enables both sides to see the results immediately”, explains Fatman Vice President Ville Hentilä. Hentilä continues, “after testing L&T has the opportunity to provide feedback on the developed features and we will make some modifications based on their comments if needed.”

”This undertaking never ends. Officially this project will be closed by the end of the year but that is when the work really begins.”

Development work will continue in the future

According to Hentilä, the cooperation with L&T has been exceptional in several different ways. He feels that L&T has truly understood how much commitment and effort an ICT project requires from the client, not only from the service provider, to ensure that the outcome meets the set requirements.

”This undertaking never ends. Officially this project will be closed by the end of the year but that is when the work really begins. Both sides, Fatman and L&T, have lots of ideas for future development which will be started once the initial project has been delivered”, concludes Kuismin.

Check video for more information. Video is only in Finnish

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