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Maintenance Resource

Frame Maintenance Resource Planning – To whom?

Frame Maintenance Resource Planning (MRP) application is designed
for real estate and maintenance professionals who are looking for a
world-class CMMS system but do not want to go for a software development
project that requires a lot of time and resources. MRP is a
mobile-optimized SaaS solution, which makes it extremely
easy to use on the field with your cell phone or tablet computer.

If you are looking for a modern and flexible software for enhancing your maintenance activities, you have come to the right place!

Frame MRP application enables efficient management of predictive, preventive,
and reactive maintenance operations. Currently Frame MRP has
thousands of active users from several different industries across Europe.

Maintenance Resource Planning application

Are you planning to acquire a maintenance resource planning system?
Our experts can assist you in your procurement process

Frame Maintenance Resource Planning provides

Tools for planning and managing your maintenance strategy
Predictive, preventive, and reactive maintenance operations are all managed within a single application

All standard features of traditional CMMS software
Real estate information, work orders, maintenance plans, and critical KPIs easily available

Value-added additional services
IoT data processing, purchase orders, invoicing, inspection forms, resourcing etc.

Ability to work on the go
Scalable web-based application with no need for separate mobile app installation

Productized APIs based on OpenAPI standard
Freedom to create the needed integrations between Frame and other systems supporting your business process

Maintenance Resource planning for Mobile
Mainetenance Resource Planning Integrations

Integrations to major service providers’ ERP systems

There are active system integrations between Frame and the ERP systems of several large maintenance service providers. In case your service provider is not yet in the list and would like to be included, please let us know and we will do our best to change the situation.

Frame Maintenance Resource Planning includes comprehensive set of standard CMMS features as well as additional features for specific use cases:

MRP Basic features

Basic features
  • Basic information of real estates, lots, and buildings
  • KPIs for real estate management and resource planning
  • Management of service requests, fault notifications, and work orders
  • Energy consumption monitoring (manual input or automatic reading of consumption data)
  • Pre-emptive maintenance planning and long-term planning (LTP)
  • Managing maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly level
  • Operational logbook and observations
  • General descriptions of building structures and technologies, and lists of devices
  • Contact information
  • Digital archive for documents
  • Comprehensive reporting with options to export to PDF, Excel, and Word files

MRP Additional Features

Additional features
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Key management
  • Product register
  • Human resourcing
  • Inspection form generator for wide range of use cases (audits, security, housing inspections etc.)
  • Integrations to various financial and real estate management applications

Planning to replace your CMMS system?

It might be time to change your maintenance resource planning software if your current system

is technically outdated and approaching its end of life

does not meet today’s IT security requirements

is limited to small group of people due to inefficient pricing structure

does not provide productized APIs for your system integration needs

does not support efficient mobile usage

Fatman Frame is extremely flexible application with long development history.
We will organize a detailed training for your staff to help you get started

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are looking to replace your current CMMS system or have any other questions or concerns

Maintenance Resource Planning Workshop
Specification workshops enable us to understand what you actually need

We at Fatman feel that understanding (and sometimes even challenging) our clients’ ways of working is critical for a successful onboarding project and high-quality SaaS service. This is why we always do a proper needs analysis and specification work before committing to a client delivery.

Before the actual onboarding project for Fatman Frame, a workshop or even a small project where the needs and processes of the client are clearly defined is always required. So a separate specification project is our way to make sure that the implementation of a large onboarding project is done smoothly and always within the agreed schedule. Specification project does not force you to purchase our application and you are free to use the results of the specification project to develop your operations or e.g. in the procurement of an alternative system.