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Rental Invoicing.

Frame Rental Invoicing – To whom?

Frame Rental Invoicing application is designed for property owners and managers who are looking for sophisticated tools to manage their rental contracts and improve the efficiency of their invoicing process.

Modern solution for managing rental contracts and
improving efficiency of invoicing

Frame Rental Invoicing is a browser-based contract management system that enables you to generate e-invoicing material and email invoices as well as to print out traditional paper invoices. Rental Invoicing application also contains tools for ledger monitoring and transferring material to bookkeeping.

Rental Invoicing application
Rental Invoicing powerful tools

Take advantage of powerful tools for managing large set
of rental contracts

Rental Invoice your tenants

Create invoices for your tenants and deliver them using suitable methods

Allocate payments with Rental Invoicing

Allocate payments to invoices and generate bookkeeping material

Are you planning to acquire a rental contract management system?
Our experts can assist you in your procurement process

Frame Rental Invoicing provides

All relevant information inside single application
Information about properties, tenants and rental contracts always available.

Up-to-date price information for rental contracts
Efficient mass update features for executing index or percentage increases for a large set of contracts.

Continuous monitoring of consumption data and managing respective invoicing
Electricity and water consumption data easily added to the application and invoicing process.

Useful data for developing your operations
Flexible reporting features provide information on utilization rates, rent levels, turnover rates etc.

Rental Invoicing mobile

Frame Rental Invoicing application includes a wide range of features to improve your invoicing process:

Rental Invoicing Features
  • Basic information for properties, lots and buildings
  • Detailed information on rooms / apartments
  • Invoicer information
  • Tenant information
  • Information on rental contracts
  • Mass updates for index or percentage increases
  • Reminder alarms for rental contracts
  • e-invoicing and direct payment material generation
  • Email invoice creation
  • Paper invoice generation
  • Invoice delivery through invoicing operator (Maventa)
  • Rent ledger management
  • Management of consumption data and generation of consumption-based invoices
  • Transfer file to bookkeeping system
  • Online document archive
  • Reporting services with export options for pdf, Excel and Word

Planning to replace your rental invoicing system?

It might be time to change your rental contract management solution if your current system

is difficult to adjust and update in case of organizational changes

does not provide productized APIs for your system integration needs.

does not meet today’s IT security requirements.

is designed in a way that requires significant amount of manual work from your team.

is technically outdated and approaching its end of life.

Rental Invoicing Specification workshops
Specification workshops enable us to understand what you actually need

We at Fatman feel that understanding (and sometimes even challenging) our clients’ ways of working is critical for a successful onboarding project and high-quality SaaS service. This is why we always do a proper needs analysis and specification work before committing to a client delivery.

Before the actual onboarding project for Fatman Frame, a workshop or even a small project where the needs and processes of the client are clearly defined is always required. So a separate specification project is our way to make sure that the implementation of a large onboarding project is done smoothly and always within the agreed schedule. Specification project does not force you to purchase our application and you are free to use the results of the specification project to develop your operations or e.g. in the procurement of an alternative system.