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Do you want to be the next Fattis?

Why work with us?

We did a major company-wide retro with our employees and asked what makes
Fatman a great place to work. In this survey, two things rose above others:
self-development and community atmosphere. Other good things
mentioned were internationality, youth, flexibility and working in
a growing and developing company.

We believe that with good attitude, open communication, and an encouraging
atmosphere, we achieve the best results and are able to surprise
our customers positively every day.


International work environment

We have employees from different nationalities, and we use English as our working language

Insurance coverage

Life doesn’t always go according to your plans. Your knee may bend in a basketball court, or you may dislocate your shoulder in volleyball. While being on the road, a travel flu may surprise you, so we offer our employees comprehensive insurance coverage for life’s surprises


We have a completely renovated gym with group exercise classes at our disposal. Some of us start the working day with exercise and others end the working day with brisk exercise

Regular training

Six times per year, we hold company-wide development days, and focusing on the professional development of individuals and the company as a whole. Often after these dev days we go for an after work or may even go for example to ice swimming


In March 2022, we moved into a renovated Säterinportti office space. We have new and modern office, and it is possible to work even while sitting on a swing. The heart of our office is our large living room where we play tight PlayStation matches. When you are thirsty, you can get a soda from the fridge and your brain is powered by our snack bar


Each spring, we learn which of our employees are the fastest and strongest in a track and field competition titled Fatlympics. At least once a year, our office has LANs, and then our office is taken over by various console but also board games. So a sleeping bag should be brought along as these games are played throughout the weekend

We are HIRING!

Open positions:
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Join the Fatman Family – Senior Software Developer Wanted! 

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We work here:

What makes us different?

We don’t sell our developers for project work

With us, you get to focus on developing our application and you don’t have to constantly jump from one project to another.

Long experience

We started making programs back in the 90s. Back then, the internet was still in its infancy and social media could not even be dreamed of yet.

Regular development days

Once a month, we forget about our daily routines and focus on how we can make ourselves and our company better.


Treat each other with respect

We come from different places and in all shapes and sizes. Everyone’s views are valued, and it’s okay to have different opinions, but we never make things personal.

Examples of how we do it:
Sometimes we have intense discussions in our weekly grooming sessions where software developers evaluate upcoming tasks. It’s fine to disagree on issues as long as it’s done using professional style.

Fatman Recruitment Respect
Fatman Reruitment come work as a team

Work as a team

We work together towards a common goal. Everyone needs to take responsibility and offer help with housework when needed.

Examples of how we do it:
We aim to ensure that there is always more than one person involved when we do our work tasks. Then there is always someone who can help if something unexpected happens.

Share what you know

Open communication and transparency make our family stronger, so we all need to be ready to talk and listen to each other.

Examples of how we do it:
Every second month we have an info session where we share our latest financial figures with the whole company. After each development sprint we have a retro meeting where we discuss what we learned over the last two weeks.

Fatman Recruitment Learning
Fatman Oy Family

Support family-like atmosphere

We are all about positive atmosphere and we trust each other to do their part without setting strict curfews. There’s lot of humor and yes, we are working on the quality as well.

Examples of how we do it:
Our office enables different ways of working but sometimes we still find ourselves working in strange places such as ice hall or jungle.

Enable learning

Everyone has a right to get better in what they do, and we’ll do our best to encourage continuous learning.

Examples of how we do it:
Every second month we get together for internal training day where we share knowledge and learn something new. We also actively share eBooks and other learning material inside the company.

Fatman Recruitment Enable learning