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IFRS 16 Lease Management.

Manage your lease contracts according to the IFRS 16 standard

Frame IFRS 16 Lease Management application is designed for
publicly listed companies and other corporations operating
in the European Union who report their financials according
to the IFRS standard.

Does not require expertise in IFRS 16 standard

Handles all types of changes in lease contracts

Compatible with all consolidation and bookkeeping systems

Trusted by international publicly traded companies

Fatman Frame is extremely flexible application with long development history.

We will organize a detailed training for your staff to help you get started

Frame is an extensive solution for IFRS 16 reporting

Easy-to-operate application for lease accounting

Lease contracts

Consists of standard lease contract data as well as additional data fields for IFRS 16 specific information to enable correct calculation of right-of-use assets and lease liabilities.

Financial reporting

Generates bookkeeping transfer material according to the IFRS 16 standard and transfers the data to your accounting or consolidation system, as well as forms the notes required by the standard.

Do you want to make IFRS 16 reporting easier?
Our experts can assist you

Frame IFRS 16 Lease Management provides

Lease contract data electronically modeled as well as the original contracts as pdf attachments.

Tools for managing all common changes to contracts, such as changes in duration, scope, price etc.

Needed figures and notes for financial reporting according to the IFRS 16 standard.

Mass update features for executing index increases.

Notification functionality to enhance management of contracts.

Possibility to create SEPA-material for lease contract payments and the related bookkeeping transfer files.

Frame IFRS 16 Lease Management Provides

Planning to replace your IFRS 16 lease accounting system?

It might be time to change you IFRS 16 reporting solution if your current system

is a generic tool that has not been developed for this specific need.

designed in a way that requires significant amount of manual work and expertise from your finance team.

is limited to small group of people due to inefficient pricing structure.

is difficult to adjust and update in case of organizational changes.

IFRS 16 Specification workshop
Specification workshops enable us to understand what you actually need

We at Fatman feel that understanding (and sometimes even challenging) our clients’ ways of working is critical for a successful onboarding project and high-quality SaaS service. This is why we always do a proper needs analysis and specification work before committing to a client delivery.

Before the actual onboarding project for Fatman Frame, a workshop or even a small project where the needs and processes of the client are clearly defined is always required. So a separate specification project is our way to make sure that the implementation of a large onboarding project is done smoothly and always within the agreed schedule. Specification project does not force you to purchase our application and you are free to use the results of the specification project to develop your operations or e.g. in the procurement of an alternative system.