Manage your lease contracts according to the
IFRS 16 standard

Frame Lease Management is a software designed for managing lease contracts and related payments.

ifrs is easy

Does not require expertise in IFRS 16 standard

Ifrs handels all changes

Handles all types of changes in lease contracts

Ifrs and bookeeping

Compatible with all consolidation and bookkeeping systems

Trusted by international publicly traded companies

Supports financial reporting

Reporting level

Includes generating figures according to the IFRS 16 standard and transferring the data to accounting or consolidation system, as well as forming the notes required by the standard.

Contract level

Consist of additional data fields to add IFRS 16 specific information to lease contracts to enable correct calculation of right-of-use assets and lease liabilities.

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Frame Lease Management provides

Lease contracts electronically modeled as well as the original contracts as pdf attachments

Tools for managing all common changes to contracts, such as changes in duration, scope, price etc.

Needed figures and notes for financial reporting according to the IFRS 16 standard

Mass update features for executing index increases

Alarm functionality to enhance management of contracts

Possibility to create SEPA-material for lease contract payments and the related bookkeeping transfer files

Frame is unique solution for IFRS 16 lease accounting

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