Comprehensive Platform that offers valuable information and saves time

Fatman Ltd offers the most modern and comprehensive platform in the market called Frame. In addition to basic functionalities, Maintenance Resource Planning and Contract Management, we have gathered the best software and service providers in Finland and integrated them in Fatman Frame. This platform also offers flexible and comprehensive reporting and dashboard functionalities which provides added value to the user.

Frame Maintenance ERP is the most modern Resource Planning Tool in the market. This program works with every device, platform, and browser. It is said that its best feature is that it follows you everywhere you go. With a state-of-the-art user interface and the latest software technologies, the user is guaranteed a safe, intuitive, and portable system. Fatman Frame ensures that all valuable information is written down and saved for future use.

Frame Contract Management is a complete package for rental and leasing contract management. Both Lessee and Lessor can use program as a digital tool to easily manage leasing, rental, deposit and other such contracts. Index-based and other price increases, allocations, IFRS-reporting, creation of invoices and other daily routines can be automated, and all history is securely stored.

With IFRS 16 add-on for Frame Contract Management, a user can calculate Right-of-Use Asset Values and Leasing Liabilities from contracts. One can also control all changes that may affect these values, and determine P&L Effects of these changes. This program can handle all leasing contracts affected by the standard.

Comprehensive reporting offers all needed information for Annual, and Quarterly Reports, including Liabilities, P&L, and Cash Flow Effects from short and low value contracts. Figures collected from the contracts can be filtered by Asset Class, Cost Centers, Legal Entities, and other grouping attributes.

This system is a novel, easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS service. There is no better medicine for your IFRS 16 headache.


Fatman offers consulting services to support our customers in finding the most optimal software, and software-related solutions to maximise the profitability and cost-effectiveness of their business.