Fatman Frame: Get all the Benefits, Avoid all the Risk

Owners, users, or managers of a facility, production line, site, or any other valuable asset are required to follow-up, report, manage, and optimise its operations. In today’s market, there are tools to optimise only one small part of the total need – for instance, energy or water usage, handling of valuable devices, follow up on one alarm or the other, etc. Many of these tools have providers that are experts only in their niche.

From the customer’s perspective, it is a huge challenge to aggregate the appropriate pieces; every supplier typically has a dedicated platform, sign in logic, and other forms of information that may already be present in another system. This leads to fragmentation and a need for updates at several locations. At Fatman Ltd, we are experts at making working integrations. Furthermore, we have multiple partners with existing fully-functional integrations and SSO solutions. In Fatman Frame, these programs are presented as one complete solution to the customer. Fatman Ltd, as the platform supplier, ensures seamless functionality of the total system – today, and in the future!