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As the IFRS 16 standard has been valid for more than 2 years by now, many European companies have gained firsthand experience on the effects of the standard on their operations.

During the past few months, several companies have approached us and shared their frustration relating to IFRS 16 reporting. These companies can be divided into two groups. Companies that do not have proper tools and need to do lot of manual work, and. Companies that have heavy and rigid systems that are difficult to use

Our mission of providing an easy-to-use application that is fully compliant with the requirements of the standard has received a vast amount of interest from the above-mentioned companies. Also, the fact that our solution is compatible with any bookkeeping or consolidation system has been seen as a major advantage.

Due to increasing interest from all over Europe, we are hosting a series of webinars to introduce Frame IFRS 16 application to companies that are not yet familiar with our solution.

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