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For the fiscal year ending 30 November 2019, revenue of Fatman increased to EUR 3.9 million, operating profit was at EUR 62 576, and the average number of employees was 42. As announced in previous year’s financial release, the company’s main focus for 2019 was to optimize processes and organizational structure to enable increased efficiency and ensure high quality SaaS services.

During the past year, Fatman has clarified the mission and vision of the company and recently released the following statements:

In line with these strategic guidelines, Fatman has made significant investments to improve its tech stack and refine its product portfolio to better meet the future requirements for modern applications.

In FY2019, Frame was productized to three application areas (Maintenance Resource Planning, Lease Management, and Rental Invoicing) and a specific team was assigned for developing and supporting each of these product lines. In addition, a set of new microservices and APIs were introduced to the market to support basic features of Frame and to provide additional value to clients.

This work continues in 2020 as the company is striving to fulfill its mission and prepares to take the next step towards the announced vision.

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